Road Trip DF/NYC. Capítulo 8: Night of piano bars in New York City

Posted on 13 agosto, 2012


Piano bar. NYC

Last Friday the group  was separated. I went with Jorge and  his couchsurfer Ryan to spend the night with them. I knew that next night I had to find another place to stay so I searched on and I found the best on New York City

What can I tell you, New York has been fantastic, my favorite city!!! As I told before, you can find anything on every corner. Currently I am  hosted by the best couchsurfers of NYC. Jack and Bryan, they are a two old gay mans with a huge and comfortable  apparment  in a very centric point of the city.

I have never imagined to meet people like them. Both are the most friendly and hospitable couchsurfers I have met on this trip. They offered me a comfortable and big bed, they gave me a great breakfast of cereal and a lot of fruits, that usually I do not eat in Mexico City, they cooked a wonderful dinner for me and for other guy who I am hosted with, they treated me as if I was a friend since many years ago or if I was his nephew.

Last night was amazing! I went with Bryan and his two other guests to some piano bars on New York City, which despite gay bars have been really important at the  history of gay revolution. One of them is Monster, perfect for what the French call “le start” (of an evening out, that is), the Monster has a piano bar upstairs, a disco downstairs, and men. Lots of them. Not that women will feel too out of place—this “Monster” is a friendly one. This is located on 80 Grove St., between W. 4th St. and 7th Ave. S, West Village, New York, NY, 10014.

I have never been inside of a piano bar until yesterday, I really loved them. A listened to many songs of Broadway musicals, and jazz song by very talent artists with a great voice and and a great interpretation. I would really like that we had more places like them on Mexico City, there is only one on Hamburgo Street , C I have never been before and now, after the experience of Friday night I am so excited to visit it when I came back.

Anyway, the experience of this kind of bars on New York City gave me a chance to know another kind of gay life  at this wonderful city. Every minute is a great experience what I would really love that never finished.

Thanks for reading this Article written on English, It just was an experiment to see what answer can I get if I switch for English my publications. Regards and thanks for yours comments,

Cacho Navarro

Piano bar. NYC

Piano bar. NYC